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The Art of Mimicry

As the general populace is aware, I am famously terrified of Mimics. The entire concept of a creature that can be ANYTHING frightens me, and rightly so! If you cannot see why mimics are absolute nightmare fuel, you probably have not put a lot of thought into what they can mimic. An old chest is a very stereotypical thing, but what other objects can be mimicked to make your players well and truly fearful of this horrific creature? And how can mimics adapt their fighting style according to their mimicry?

1 Grandfather Clock: A seemingly harmless timepiece that charms you into a time loop. You experience the same moment over and over, while it drains you of life. If you don’t discover and destroy the timepiece in time, game over.
2 Inkwell and Quill: Transforms into a monstrous ink-spewing creature which can blind you and use it’s feathery quills as arrows.
3 Fancy Rug: Unfurls into a hungry mass of fibers, constricts its victims and starts dissolving them.
4 Instrument: The mimic plays a tune that charms its victim into dancing until it drops from exhaustion.
5 Suit of armour: Once donned, the inside of the armour turns into razor-like teeth and pierces the victim, drinking their blood. Attempts at removal will tear the victim to shreds.
6 Inconspicuous book: An untitled book on a shelf with gold trimming. Once opened it pulls the victim into its pages. The small picture victim must make it to the end of the book in order to escape. All magic inside the pages is nullified.
7 Candlestick Holder: The wax melts away to expose the wick, a thin, serpentine creature which crawls into your ear while you sleep and starts devouring you from the inside.
8 Antique Vase: Shatters into a creature made of the broken shards. It will slice up its victims and return to vase form when finished eating. Often used as a gift to assassinate unsuspecting victims.
9 Teapot: this unique mimic can release a toxin inside of itself to paralyze its victims, leaving it with plenty of time to kill and eat them.
10 Pocket Watch: Unfurls into a metallic arachnid with sharp legs. Rarely hunts large prey, but often used for spying and fed with small rodents or insects.
11 Crystal Ball: Contains an ethereal, floating creature which will show you small snippets of the future. The more you use it, the more it feeds on your sanity. Once it has weakened you, it will create false realities to drive you to certain death.
12 Map: This map-creature will mimic a real map. It will try to lead you to dangerous places where you will be killed and it can scavenge your remains.
13 Top Hat: Springs to life as a quick-moving humanoid creature with a sinister grin and sharp gangly limbs.. This mimic enjoys fear and will kidnap victims and torture them for days before making the kill.
14 Game Set: The pieces rearrange into a miniature, animated monster. Often used for cheating at gambling games, this mimic is fed with coins and will lash out when it does not receive its tribute.
15 Umbrella: Once opened, grabs the victim with spiderlike legs and strangles them
16 Pocket Mirror: Reflects the mimic’s true form when looked at. The mimic can reach through the mirror and pull a victim into a reflected dimension where it slowly drives the victim mad and feeds of its fear.


Can you think of more horrifying mimic examples? Do you think mimics should have abilities uniquely tailored to their hunting style? Let us know in the comments.


 – Fretfully, Teddy.


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