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Random Encounter Table



Non-Combat Encounters Roll 1d10 and pick one of the encounters
1. Mysterious Portal: 1. Giant’s Tea Party:
The party discovers a shimmering portal that leads to an unknown location. It remains open for a limited time. A group of friendly giants invites the party to join their tea party in a scenic clearing.
2. Talking Statues: 2. Aurora Borealis Ritual:
Statues along the path come to life, sharing cryptic messages or riddles with the adventurers. The party witnesses a magical ritual performed by a group of druids under the aurora borealis.
3. Lost Traveler: 3. Thieves’ Convention:
A lost traveler pleads for directions. Helping them may lead to unexpected rewards or useful information. A gathering of skilled thieves discusses the latest heists and offers the party an opportunity to join their ranks.
4. Enchanted Garden: 4. Dreamscape Encounter:
The party stumbles upon a magical garden with plants that responds to emotions and actions. The party collectively experiences a surreal dreamscape where they confront personal fears or receive visions.
5. Fey Crossing: 5. Animated Puzzle:
A group of mischievous fey creatures invites the party to join in a whimsical celebration in the Feywild. A puzzle made of enchanted tiles challenges the party’s problem-solving skills without combat.
6. Friendly Mimic: 6. Time Anomaly:
A mimic, tired of scaring adventurers, befriends the party and offers assistance or information. The party experiences a temporal disturbance, witnessing events from the past or glimpses of the future.
7. Cursed Item Vendor: 7. Benevolent Ghost:
A mysterious merchant sells cursed items at a discounted price, enticing adventurers to make deals. A friendly ghost seeks help in completing unfinished business before moving on.
8. Celestial Messenger: 8. Unstable Magic Well:
A celestial being appears, delivering a message or prophecy that may impact the party’s destiny. A well of magical energy fluctuates, offering the chance for unpredictable magical effects when interacted with.
9. Ephemeral Music: 9. Living Paintings:
Otherworldly music fills the air, captivating the party. It leads them to a hidden grove with a magical fountain. Paintings on the walls of an ancient ruin come to life, depicting scenes from a forgotten civilization.
10. Haunted Object: 10. Wisdom-Seeking Owl:
An object with a lingering spirit seeks help in completing a task to find peace. A wise owl approaches the party, offering guidance or posing philosophical questions.


Combat Encounters Roll 1d10 and pick one of the encounters
1. Ambush by Bandits: 1. Animated Armor Ambush:
A group of bandits attempts to ambush the party, demanding toll or treasure. Suits of animated armor come to life and attack the party in an ancient armory.
2. Wild Animal Stampede: 2. Demonic Possession:
A stampede of wild animals, provoked by a magical disturbance, charges toward the party. Innocent villagers are possessed by demonic entities, turning them into hostile threats.
3. Doppelganger Assassins: 3. Rogue Warforged:
Doppelgangers, disguised as important NPCs, attempt to assassinate the party. A group of rogue warforged soldiers attacks, seeking revenge against those who created them.
4. Undead Rising: 4. Witch’s Curse:
Graves in a cemetery burst open, and skeletons and zombies emerge to attack the living. A coven of witches curses the area, animating plants and summoning creatures to defend their territory.
5. Giant Insect Nest: 5. Spectral Knights Duel:
The party is swarmed by giant insects defending their nest. The party witnesses a duel between two spectral knights, and they become targets when one mistakes them for allies.
6. Kobold Trapsmiths: 6. Banshee’s Wail:
Kobolds set up elaborate traps to hinder the party’s progress through their territory. A banshee’s wail echoes through the forest, summoning undead spirits to attack the living.
7. Elemental Convergence: 7. Magma Elemental Eruption:
Elemental creatures manifest due to a planar convergence, attacking anything in their vicinity. A volcanic eruption summons magma elementals that attack anything in their path.
8. Cursed Knights: 8. Drow Ambush:
A group of knights, cursed by dark magic, mistake the party for their enemies and attack. Drow ambush the party in the Underdark, seeking slaves or sacrifices.
9. Sahuagin Raiding Party: 9. Giant Spider Nest:
Sahuagin warriors launch a raid from an underground river, attacking a coastal village or the party directly. The party encounters a nest of giant spiders, defending their territory and young.
10. Goblin Artillery: 10. Astral Projection Mishap:
Goblins armed with makeshift catapults and ballistae attack from a fortified position. An astral projection gone wrong causes extraplanar creatures to spill into the Material Plane, attacking the party.


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