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Random Encounter Table


Roll 1d8 Profession Roll 1d10 Bonus: science fiction professions
1 Spellweaver: provides magical services for coin Criminal: uses magical and/or physical skills to steal or otherwise benefit from breaking laws. Scribe: copies documents and manuscripts in calligraphy. 1 Starship Pilot: Skilled navigators and pilots of spacecraft.
2 Loremaster: Collects and studies lore and history of various folk Oracle: communes with spirits to gain insight and foresight. Apothecary: dispenser of medicine and herbal remedies. 2 Space Marine: Elite soldiers trained for combat in space and on alien worlds.
3 Blacksmith: crafts armour and weapons Farmer: tiller of the land, growing crops and raising livestock. Fisher: catches and sells fish. 3 Astrobiologist: Scientists who study extraterrestrial life and ecosystems.
4 Healer: provides divine healing services Baker: skilled in the art of baking bread and pastries. Miner: extractor of valuable minerals and gems from the earth. 4 Cybernetic Technician: Specialists in repairing and enhancing cybernetic implants.
5 Minstrel: charismatic entertainers that perform with music, storytelling and magic Innkeeper: owner and operator on an inn – provides lodging and meals. Courier: messenger and delivery person. 5 Quantum Engineer: Experts in manipulating quantum mechanics for technological advancements.
6 Tinkerer: Inventor of clever gadgets Carpenter: builds and repairs wooden furniture and toys. Librarian: guardian of knowledge, cataloging and preserving books. 6 Artificial Intelligence Developer: Creators of advanced artificial intelligences for various purposes.
7 Pest control: exterminates pests Merchant: trader and entrepreneur. Mason: skilled in working with stone and masonry. 7 Xenobotanist: Scientists who study and cultivate alien plant life.
8 Charmweaver: imbues objects with magical properties Weaver: maker of clothing and textiles Investigator: provides investigative services. 8 Exo-Armor Mechanic: Technicians who maintain and repair powered exoskeletons.
9 Data Smuggler: Rogue operatives skilled in smuggling and trading sensitive information.
10 Solar Engineer: Engineers who harness energy from stars for various purposes.


Roll 1d8 Childhood     Roll 1d8 Value
1 Happy 1 Possessions
2 Lonely 2 Friends
3 Serene 3 Religion
4 Tragic 4 Morals and laws
5 Exhilarating 5 Power
6 Violent 6 Freedom
7 Inspiring 7 Expertise
8 Boring 8 Peace


Roll 1d6 Age  Roll 1d3 and pick one Alignment    
1 Teenaged 1 Chaotic good Neutral good Lawful good
2 Young adult 2 Chaotic neutral True neutral Lawful neutral
3 Middle-aged 3 Chaotic evil Neutral evil Lawful evil
4 Mature adult
5 Elderly
6 Ancient


  Personality traits Roll 1d20 for a trait, rinse and repeat          
1 Adaptable Empathetic Outgoing Tenacious Dependent Irresponsible Pessimistic
2 Altruistic Energetic Outgoing Thoughtful Dishonest Irritable Possessive
3 Ambitious Enthusiastic Patient Tolerant Disloyal Jealous Reckless
4 Artistic Expressive Perceptive Trustworthy Disruptive Judgmental Rigid
5 Brave Focused Persevering Vibrant Envious Lazy Rude
6 Caring Friendly Pioneering Wise Forgetful Manipulative Sarcastic
7 Cautious Generous Playful Witty Greedy Melancholic Self-centered
8 Charismatic Gracious Polite Aggressive Grudging Melodramatic Self-pitying
9 Charitable Grateful Pragmatic Aloof Hasty Miserly Selfish
10 Cheerful Gregarious Radiant Anxious Hostile Moody Sneaky
11 Compassionate Honest Reflective Apathetic Impatient Narcissistic Stubborn
12 Confident Humble Reliable Argumentative Impetuous Narrow-minded Sullen
13 Considerate Imaginative Resilient Arrogant Impulsive Neglectful Suspicious
14 Courageous Independent Resourceful Capricious Inattentive Neurotic Tactless
15 Creative Inquisitive Responsible Careless Inconsiderate Overbearing Temperamental
16 Curious Kind Selfless Clingy Indecisive Overcritical Uncommunicative
17 Determined Loyal Serene Condescending Inflexible Overemotional Unforgiving
18 Diligent Modest Sociable Critical Insecure Passive Untrustworthy
19 Diplomatic Open-minded Spontaneous Cynical Insensitive Passive-aggressive Vindictive
20 Easygoing Optimistic Supportive Defensive Intolerant Perfectionist Whiny


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