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Dum Dum Die is an all female, all awesome, all South African homebrew DnD actual play podcast and interactive livestream. They debuted in 2017, as a social experiment looking at how a group of diverse female roleplayers could change the perception of roleplaying in Africa and grow the roleplaying community in spaces where it had not reached before. They went from producing a podcast and DnD IRL videos, to a full-scale Twitch livestreaming operation.

They were the pioneers for DnD podcasts in South Africa, and over the years have supported charities by organising and participating in roleplaying events, played DnD as interactive theatre, and hosted the first ever roleplaying section at a Comic Con at Comic Con Africa in 2018 (followed up by another in 2019), as well as run events hosted by FanCon, The Nexus Hub, Timeless Boardgames, and Code Bros. Although the members have changed, their mission has remained the same – to share the love of all things geeky with everyone irrespective of aspect, class, or skillset!

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30 November 2023

Christmas One-Shot Game

YouTube VOD Here

11 November 2023

First Onslaught D&D Gameplay in South Africa!

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31 October 2023

Halloween One-Shot Game

YouTube VOD Here

22-25 September 2023

Comic Con Africa D&D Sessions co-hosted by Unplug Yourself

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27 August 2023

Unplug Yourself DM Bootcamp

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