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Mid Spooktober Update!

We’re halfway through Halloween month! Have you been gearing up for the the spooky things to come? We certainly have!


Hopefully you joined us for the Halloween oneshot in collaboration with PenanceRPG. As always, PenanceRPG brought their A-game with some amazing DMing and an entertaining plotline to keep us guessing. We had a blast playing in the homebrew oneshot! Neli played a little shapeshifter whose skin colour changed according to their emotions. Ever thought you were bad at lying? You’ve got nothing on poor Riley. Wednesday had us giggling with a southern centaur named Faith! (over yonder hill) who did their best. They did their best… but sometimes you just can’t avoid an angry mob carrying pitchforks. As for me? I had the time of my life playing a murderous little goblin (in very sharp contrast to my other goblin creation Mochaki, the sweetheart of the goblin clan) and spent most of the oneshot with blood on my hands. Did you expect anything else from us? Keep an eye on our socials if you want to watch the recording when it hits Youtube.

 To celebrate Friday the 13th we released some quick horror movie recommendations based on each of our preferences. Listen to our creepy recorded voices here 

Another great surprise is our Halloween podcast put together by all of the Dumdumdie ladies. Listen to it here and share any Halloween songs you love on our socials!


Reminder of what is upcoming this month:

25th October: Chatting with Neli

29th October: Before the Dawn D&D Campaign (does the queen finally kill us all?)

31st October: Halloween Special (what could Neli have in store for the rest of the Dumdumdie ladies?)



Finally, go check out the newest update on the adventures of Mochaki here– where Mochaki finally experiences combat and perhaps, just perhaps, realizes the team is keeping something from him.



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